Are you a culinary trained chef looking for a company that values you and your skills??

If YES, please read on………………..

Chef Advert Final

At Agogo’s we are all about 1) building a fantastic team 2) Making change 3) Creating opportunities and 4)having fun while doing all three. We understand “Teamwork makes the dream work” which is why we are keen on building a team that is focused, driven and capable of helping us achieve our mission.

So if this is you or perhaps you know someone who fits the bill then send over those CVs and Covering Letters or share this opportunity with them.


“Follow The Journey”

“Share The Journey”

“Live The Dream”



Tuesday Morning at Mintel HQ


So we were out in full force learning and networking at a Mintel HQ. Mintel Consultant ‘Richard Cope’ had some interesting thing to share regarding Hot trends for 2014.


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Agogo’s Catering or perhaps what we get up to? Well here is a glimpse..

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Uncle Cornelius – #Whyisthat

What you’re about to see is a great performance from Adot the comedian showing us a world where a smile on the lips is a life time on the hips, customer service is spat upon and general kindness towards mankind has no place. So we ask #whyisthat? Once again, be warned you might have experienced what you’re about to see.