On 16th August Agogo’s Food will be catering at MUNCH CLUB; a one-day pop-up restaurant in Mayfair London. We will be bringing a 3 course African Caribbean fusion Fine Dining Menu to the club.

Below is the menu on the day as we look forward to bringing this much anticipated event to fuition.


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Head Chef on the day will be Anthony Cumberbatch.

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All ticket sales are non refundable.

Entry guaranteed before 6pm.


Venue Visit…..Advance to Mayfair


Today’s venue visit takes us to Mayfair. More info coming soon on the event which will be taking place on Tuesday 4th Feb 2014. Check our tweets for more information

10,000+ Reasons

It’s a new month, new week and now our first viral video has hit a new milestone…Yes 10000+ views.
Our first viral viral video has now exceeded the 10000 views milestone. We would like to thank every Go-Getter who took time out to not only watch it but also share it. It would not have been possible without YOU. We would also like to thank A DOT COMEDIAN who has been fantastic till date. It wouldn’t have been possible without him. A big Thank You also goes out to the multi-talented P-Design, the extras and Squires Restaurant who kindly enabled us to use one of their branches as a location set.

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Uncle Cornelius – #Whyisthat

What you’re about to see is a great performance from Adot the comedian showing us a world where a smile on the lips is a life time on the hips, customer service is spat upon and general kindness towards mankind has no place. So we ask #whyisthat? Once again, be warned you might have experienced what you’re about to see.